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Technologies and food additives (preservatives) VAREX, LIV for caviar and fish products


Vesta-VAR, LLC is a leader in developing and producing top-quality nontoxic food additives (preservatives) for fish-processing industry in Russia. Our company also provides fish-processing plants with professional support for improving conventional technologies and introducing the advanced ones that are necessary to make the best fish and caviar products.

We know, how:
  • to apply advanced technologies for caviar and fish production;
  • to preserve high quality and natural flavour of roe, semi-preserved fish, smoked fish and other fish products;
  • to extend the shelf life of fish and caviar;
  • to make your product more attractive for retailers and customers.
  • Improving conventional technologies for the preservation of the highest quality of fish and caviar products and ensuring food safety - this is our profession.

    Download a booklet about our company (pdf; 2.22 MB).

    Founded in 2003, Vesta-VAR company has pioneered in the field of complex food additives (nontoxic preservatives, ingredients) production for sturgeon and salmon caviar in Russia. With introduction of our technologies Russian caviar producers discontinued the use of toxic boric chemicals (Borax) and urotropine and put their products to world markets.

    Today we offer food additives including the new generation of preservatives under trademarks VAREX®, VAREL and LIV®:

  • VAREX-1 - for the 2-d grade of maturity salmon roe (so-called «fat» or «sea» roe);
  • VAREX-2 - for the 3-th and 4-th grades of maturity salmon roe;
  • VAREX-5 - for hot-smoked fish;
  • VAREX-7 - for screened roe (excluding sturgeon and salmon roe);
  • VAREX-7 - for chilled fish;
  • VAREX-10 - for caviar butter and fish butter;
  • VAREX-11 - for fresh grained sturgeon caviar;
  • VAREX-12 - for pasteurized grained sturgeon caviar;
  • VAREX-14 - for semi-preserved herring;
  • LIV-1 - for fresh grained sturgeon caviar;
  • LIV-2 - for pasteurized grained sturgeon caviar;
  • LIV-4 - for hot-smoked sturgeon;
  • VAREL - colorant for colouring roe to black (imitation of sturgeon caviar);

    ...and the sets of normative and technical documentation for producing fish products with their use.

    Our products have gained the recognition of the Russian Government, scientific community and the largest fish processing companies. The development of VAREX and LIV series food additives was awarded the Russian Government Prize in Science and Technology in 2007.

    Using our food additives, you ensure consistent quality of fish and caviar during shelf life and also preserve the useful properties of the product that customers appreciate.

    Our aim is securing the safety of fish products and preserving their top quality.

    All the Vesta-VARs food additives received the State Registration Certificate.

    VAREX® and LIV® trademarks

    On the basis of certificates of trademarks (service marks) #325490 and #357242, Vesta-VAR, LLC is the sole legal owner of VAREX and LIV trademarks, respectively.

    Thus, our company has the exclusive right to use these trademarks.

    According to the article 1229 of the Civil Code of Russian Federation, the use of intellectual activity product or means of identification, if such use is carried out without the consent of the copyright holder, is illegal and punishable according to the legislation liability (civil, administrative, criminal).

    Currently, Vesta-VAR, LLC is actively communicating with law enforcement authorities to curb the illegal use of «VAREX» and «LIV» trademarks. In this regard, we consider it necessary to report this information to our customers in order to prevent the risk of any use of falsified or counterfeit VAREX and LIV food additives on their premises.

    The «golden rule» of food additives use

    Food additives are used only in cases when their necessity is justified and indisputable, and cannot be used to mask poor product quality.

    Technical support

    The Vesta-VAR company engages the leading Russian scientists and experts in the field of biotechnology and fish products for the development of its new products, constantly interacts with fish-processing companies what allows us to meet their demands.

    Our customers can get professional support on the theoretical and practical issues of:

  • product quality and competitive advantage improvement by means of our food additives use;
  • improving conventional technologies and introducing the new ones;
  • introducing the latest products from our range and their application.

    The Vesta-VAR company thanks you for the attention and invites you to read the following pages of our website. If you are interested in our products we will be glad to answer all your questions.

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